The Afro Metaphysics Movement


Welcome, welcome, welcome Sisters and Brothers, to the Afro Metaphysics website. Here you will find a like-minded community moving towards making metaphysics a viable alternative to traditional Black spirituality.

This place is YOUR place, Black people. This site is a safe and exclusive gathering place for African Americans to explore, discuss and share how metaphysics is the entryway through which we can come to better know ourselves, our true worth and our extraordinary abilities. Here you will find informative, useful blog articles on using metaphysical principles to create personally meaningful lives and to aid the Black Liberation struggle throughout the Diaspora. In the face of racism in America, we need a strong spiritual and moral foundation from which to create and control our own destiny. Metaphysics provides that foundation. Here you will find the resources and the community to support you in learning that creation takes place in mind first. Then and only then, what you create appears as your outer reality.

Ultimately, a metaphysical approach to spirituality and a scientific approach to understanding reality are not in conflict. Metaphysics can be viewed simply as the science of the invisible, the immaterial. In practice, it is the science of creation—from consciousness. The study and practice of metaphysical principles is the most viable approach to spirituality for African Americans. Approaching life from the metaphysical perspective takes us closer to our spiritual roots, not further away from them, and holds the key to our economic, political and social liberation. The whole thing boils down to a study of consciousness. Our own. Each of us. Individually. We are the only ones who can think our thoughts, which gives us limitless power and ultimate responsibility. If we use this knowledge to tap into more and more of our creative potential, we can recreate our world! The Afro Metaphysics Movement is for people of African descent who are ready to embrace a spirituality that:

• Sees God in every face, especially the one in the mirror

• Teaches that creation is a personal act, achieved by understanding and utilizing the Cosmic Laws of Consciousness

• Gives us the power to render racism impotent by systematically and purposefully creating a different reality for ourselves and our descendents

• Doesn't require us to be schizophrenic about our blackness but instead focuses on the holiness of it

Although others can sympathize and support our efforts to be free of the effects of racism, they cannot ever know what it is like to be  Black. We need our own spaces to strategize and support one another just as any nationality or ethnic group establishes for those who have emigrated or in our case, been stolen from, their Motherland. All our cultural icons from dreadlocks to hip hop to clothing to sayings have been co-opted by people of other cultures ready to cry "reverse racism" should we protest. There is no place or no thing that Whites don't automatically feel entitled to have or be or do. But this space is sacred Black space and as such, will be vigilantly maintained. 





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