We are the only ones who can think our thoughts, which gives us limitless power and ultimate responsibility. If we use this knowledge to tap into more and more of our creative potential, we can recreate our world.

Create Our Destiny

The practice of metaphysics can be the path to personal empowerment and freedom for African Americans as a nation within a nation. Understanding what metaphysics is and then practicing the principles takes the guess-work out of whether or not our desires are realized. Additionally, it frees us from following any religion or any form of spirituality that teaches that blackness is equated with evil and provides a more satisfying, more Afro-centric approach to living a happy, productive life.

Teach Our Children

Every day our children are put in the impossible psychological position of living in a society that makes many ashamed of their blackness. We are not the authors of the culture they live in but we can take responsibility to change how they experience it. By exposing them to metaphysical principles and practices at an early age, we can give them a measure of immunity from shame and self-doubt. We can teach them how to recognize their inherent self-worth and how to be in command of their own destinies.

Share Our Gifts

We are each born with innate gifts and talents, which are the keys to success in life. To pursue one's passion is to create good works and add value in the world. We can use metaphysics to find and bring into reality what we dream of doing and being because creation takes place by implementing certain spiritual laws. By identifying that passion and then single-mindedly pursuing it until it becomes reality, we can not only achieve personal success and happiness, we can also contribute to national cohesiveness and self-sufficiency for all African Americans.

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